Chatbots have been touted as being a “game changer” in the world of technology, after all it is definitely one of the most sought technologies for bringing a tech revolution. They have played a major role in automating the conversations and re-defining the entire structure of the same.

The world is moving rapidly towards automation – and hence CAWI™ – Conversations automated with intelligence, is born with a thought of automating the conversation between the machine & the human, adding a digital touch along with being AI powered, in turn enhancing & increasing the efficiency of communications across channels.

CAWI™ Features:

  1. Multi – platform & scalable
  2. Multi lingual
  3. Cloud / On premise
  4. Robust security controls
  5. Seamless upgrades & deployment
  1. Enterprise capabilities
  2. Powerful bot analytics
  3. Integrated bot builder
  4. NLP & ML

CAWI™ Successfull AI Bots

Appointment Bot

Now book an appointment anywhere across the globe. Yes, with CAWI™ on-the-go booking or scheduling appointments has become quick & easier. The user can now book or schedule any appointments ruling out the tiring or cumbersome process along with easy reminders for the same.

Customer care Bot

Knowing that customer plays a vital role across every domain, it becomes quintessential for an organization to deliver great customer experience. With an AI rich bot, resolving any grievances or issues becomes fast & easy to handle, making it less time consuming.

HR Bot

Keeping each and every employee in mind, the HR across any organization has to handle a mammoth list of queries on a daily basis. With the use of CAWI™, the issues/queries/grievances will be solved in fraction of seconds, increasing the efficiency at workplace.

Sales Bot

CAWI™ can be effectively used across the entire process of sales management, right from getting any info pertaining to client, managing a specific account, client history, updates on the closure etc., can now be traced.

IT Helpdesk Bot

With the help of CAWI™, any query pertaining to IT help desk can be solved within a fraction of seconds, leading to immediate closures & easing out the escalations process of any tickets raised.

Travel Desk Bot

Helping in keeping one’s travel time more structured & organized, the entire travel itinerary is available at the touch of a fingertip, which helps ease out the travel worries.

Recruitment Bot

Getting the right person for the right job in any organization is a task indeed! With CAWI™ playing a major role in the initial screening of candidates and collecting the relevant information pertaining to their specific requirements.