Tips to train a chatbot to non-technical people
Tips to train a chatbot

Today most of the business uses so many communication channels to communicate with their customers, chatbot is one of the most popular channels. Businessperson can treat chatbot as a brand representative, it forms the first impression about your company, so you need to build a chatbot as smart as possible for this purpose it is very necessary to find the best chatbot development companies and work on it.
Testing and training of the chatbot must make sure is an ongoing process and it doesn’t end after launching. This service should give after selling your products then only it is possible to gain customers’ trust.

Here are the important tips on how to train a chatbot that helps you to escape from common traps:

Concentrate on your target persona:

While chatbot development process, it is necessary to understand target persona even in training stage and you need to know about your audience to build a relevant bot flow.
If you are still not concentrate on target audience persona, here is the best article that help you do that.
You need to collect and analyse target audience data you already have like their age, gender, location, job titles, industries on working, income, hobbies and interest, if you are not able to collect all data on survey means you do surveys or customer interview to gather those information.

Categories customer requests:

After gathering chatbot audience information, it is next step to get the main customer attention.
To do so, make a list of categories, in these categories mention different customer request at same topic. For example, you start with the popular request on customer service and you notice that the most of the interactions or requests on delivery date. You can make a group of requests like “when will I get my product?”, “Let me know the delivery date?”, “when I will receive my order” etc. into one category like “Delivery info.”

Create a dataset to train a chatbot:

When you created categories based on requests, you need to mention as many ways of saying/request as possible. The more different ways of sayings you collect, the more data you should train a chatbot and prepare to get more natural way of interaction.
There are two ways to train a chatbot according to availability of dataset,

  • Train with the available data: Find previous interactions with your customers from call logs, scripts, email chain, analyse FAQ and check in official email to find repetitive requests then create a dataset to train the chatbot.
  • Train with the pre-made dataset: these ready to use datasets are useful when you need to train your chatbot Natural Language Processing fast. This dataset have already made questions and answers and help you get the basic information.

The final step is to test your chatbot, the best way to test is have a conversation with it and put attention on the below things: Bots Flow

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Speed of response
  • Accuracy of chatbot
  • Is it engaging to talk to a bot?

Keep all the above points when developing and train the chatbot. One thing is you should keep update your chatbot after launching also then only customers will stay long time.