how can chatbot help in

effective sales and

customer feedback


AI enabled bots have always ensured maximum output in most of the businesses in the last couple of years. It is assumed that by 2020 almost 75% of the businesses would be using these chat bots for carrying out customer interactions. AI powered bots have always aimed towards providing quality services to provide better efficiency. They can be of immense boom when we speak about the day-to-day activities for departments like sales, marketing and data research team as well. Businesses are actually now able to cater to the needs of large organizations while they are able to get on with the daily tasks as well. They are able to enhance the amount of customer engagement, building brand, creating brand awareness, having real time conversations etc.

They understand the minutest aspects as well, right from the way to recommending and streamlining the entire sales process. With the use of the bots, the organizations benefit a lot from the AI enabled bots in terms of recommending products to the respective teams across as they can convey the same to their customers.

How can CAWI™.AI help you in sales

Technology has always been at the forefront and, we all know it’s just a matter of some time that we shall embrace the same soon. Chat bots are known to be the most sought technology, which is already disrupting the digital space, in a healthy manner. With CAWI™.AI on the go, it not only becomes a one touch point for all your needs, but also a cohesive & complete solution for all your needs.

How CAWI™.AI chat bot can help you transform

your travel experience

We help you deliver a one-stop-solution for all the help needed across. We promise to deliver you a hassle free experience be it booking, cancellation, refund, planning an itinerary, check – in, rebooking, travel updates and, finding alternative options.

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