How bots are changing

the face of Retail and



With the changing times, it’s been for long that we have seen so many changes across the domains and verticals
Organizations are taking the same ahead now for further developments ahead in various different ways
With the Al in a clear picture now, it has surely become one of the most talked things about

Well coming to it, with the growing modern trends these days for shopping it’s become more important that people
have adapted to the modern day trends of online shopping. This makes them much more accessible to the latest
trends across. Well, be it either on web or mobile, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age etc, shoppers are
everywhere and, they will be always ahead in the league to ensure that they are in the forefront!

How can CAWI.AI change the entire

shopping & travel experiance

How these conversational bots can help you in

increasing sales!

By having CAWI Al at your go, one can help in creating new business opportunities by having a 360
transformation across the entire digital and in-store shopping experience. Our bots act as an automated shopping
assistant and also help in improving and enriching the entire shopping and travel experiences making it more
streamlines, with personalization and superbly easing the workflows as well

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