We welcome you to CAWI™- Conversation Automated With Intelligence

We present to you our CAWI™ integrated chatbot framework – offering the most hi- tech enable solutions for your enterprise & industries.

Chatbot Marketing – Chatbots In Sales


With more sales channels paving way for clear & quick communication, meeting demands with the accurate, precise info helping create unique out-of-the-box bot.

Chatbot in Helpdesk Automation – HelpDesk Chat bots

IT HelpDesk

Providing hassle free solutions, for businesses or entreprises, helping automate the helpdesk processes.

Chatbots In Banking – Artificial Inteligence In Banking Industries


Enabling to create smarter ways of banking, and helping banks to go the millennial way, with a cohesive approach

Chatbots In Hospitality – Mobinius


Creating a rich user based personal experience, enriching the customer experience extravagantly.

Chatbots For Retail Industry - Mobinius


Turning the traditional “buying” experience into a digital one, with “real” ;“personalised” engagement, creating more contended shoppers & customers.

Chatbots In Health Care - Mobinius


Paving the way for AI in the healthcare domain to work as smart, intelligent personal assistant’s for medico professionals and patients as well.

Your intelligent bots in 6 weeks !

Capture and understand requirements

Develop, Integrate API, Custom branding

Train the bot with intelligent dialogues

Deploy and launch