General Technical FAQ’s for CAWI™

CAWI™ is a scalable system hosted in AWS, a robust and proven cloud infrastructures from Amazon. We are able to handle over 2000 messages per minute, our platform could take more over 500 concurrent users.
All the data is serialized using encryption and secured by authorization tokens. Our bots are secured from server end using SSL certificates.
User login is the best approach. But in reality, for the public environment this would be very difficult. We can give a captcha to ensure no bots are trying to access the chat bot.
Most of our customer bots are in AWS, and AWS has been architected for organizations in the most security-sensitive and regulated industries, such as financial services / domain. When it comes to on premise, with our secured architecture of the CAWI, along with your own server infra, the bot just as secured as that of AWS cloud infra.
Yes. We support 14+ local languages across.
There are two ways to achieve the same:
1. CAWI Support team updates the data
2. Customer Admin Interface where in the client/ customer can do the same
The payload for each chat message is very low approx. 30 Kb, the approx. bandwidth required for 200 users is 6 Mbps.
There are two ways to achieve the same:
1. Mobinius™ team to own it
2. The client / customer owns it – We prefer to go with first option.
Most of our bots are hosted in AWS Micro instance: t2.medium
For On -premise we suggest the below:
2 core processor
If you prefer to go with the AWS infrastructure, the average monthly cost for the hosting would be INR 6000/- and will increase based on demand.
Our system communicates via web services. We accept encrypted parameterized data from the client. Also JSON vulnerability protection is taken care using Angular 4 guidelines. Our backend MongoDB strictly adheres OWASP guidelines.
If the application is used as a plugin into the web site, we can capture the data needed. But, the same isn’t possible for the mobile and desktop bots. The reports generated from the platform gives users analytics.
CAWI™ Interface is handy for this. Being a customer admin, one has an access to our interface. He / she can then add/update emergency information manually. Alternatively, if there is a source provider, we can integrate via APIs.
Combining multiple engines and hence prepare a bot is technically not a feasible option. Each global players are improving their own NLP engines, this is not a solution at least for next 24-36 months.
The client/the customer’s chatbot will have all the data within their chatbot server (where its hosted) and this will not be part of CAWI platform. All the FAQs created for client/the customer’s chatbot will be only belonging to the client/the customer. At Mobinius, we maintain that confidentiality by all means. This will be covered under NDA.
We shall support minimum 20 basic very frequently used cat this scope. The CAWI™ platform updates the bot with many more emoji’s/emoticon which are in our platform CAWI™ development roadmap. Once it is available in CAWI™ same updates will be available in all Chatbot instances.