Technology has paved ways for innovation and, what’s better than having bots at your rescue, when it comes to seeking any kind of information which
you need – literally anytime, anywhere! With AI to your help, it’s like getting things done in the easiest away possible. Artificial Intelligence has not only
been a game changer, but a catalyst when it comes to making tech easy & available to the masses.

We all would have come across using the chat bot once in our lives, in some way or the other. Initially pertaining to businesses if we say, it was especially
used for customer service agents to improve the call centre efficiency. Looking at the trend now, we see chat bots being used almost across everywhere
and, they play a crucial role in enhancing the entire customer driven cycle

As a part of extending the same, we @CAWITM.AI have always been focused towards using the new technology, simplifying the same for others be at an
enterprise or a direct customer orientation.

Let’ look at some benefits here

The most effective tool to personalise 1:1 communications

The automated conversations with CAWITM.AI work hassle free across any channels.

One can now get cost –effective, efficient real – time queries answered whilst reducing the time & money.

Keeping the same in mind, we have presented below our CAWITM.AI offerings as below:


The most important & one of the crucial aspects when it comes to any
functioning of any chat bot is to ease & enhance the conversations,
allowing the user to explore its’ framework in depth and, also in the mean
while enable the users (business / enterprises / organizations at large) to
respond in real time as individuals, ensuring the deliverables are on time
with the right quality. This would make the customers feel valued by the
business. Some of the interactions which can be “explored”


Customers have always been at the helm, when it comes to
resolving the queries at the right time. Adding to this, these
artificial intelligence technologies have evolved ensuring better,
AI rich enabled conversational experiences. Be it the retailers,
service technology providers, product management people or
the key decision makers, all of them are in the process of
delivering excellent customer service. Some of the key
conversations can be “transacted” as follows”:


Chat bots as we all know aren’t humans. But with the help of
machine learning, neural networks, natural language
processing, we are programming machines in such a way that
they are able to manage and handle more conversations
smartly. This is paving new ways of customer engagement.
They are able to learn responses and, also can absorb a
mountain of information in just a miniscule second. The
customer details, history, last visited, contact details, etc., are
easily managed and, hence becomes more personalized when
it comes to interacting with the customer.

This entire process becomes more important as we all know
that the AI enabled bots are the virtual brand ambassador for
the organization at large, along with real time interactions and,
providing greater options for your customers to engage with
you. Some of the key conversations can be “engaged” as

Delivering with the right message and the right theme across to the customers at large, has always been our forte. CAWITM.AI gives you the power to drive
your small/medium/large scale enterprises or organizations with AI enabled bots, leveraging your business, upscaling your revenues, and, improvising
the entire personalized customer experience.