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The recent trends predict that the AI has become the most dependable technology, which has earned trust and,
also is one of the most touted technologies which has a lot of biggies from the financial domains to invest and
thrust in. This is actually grabbing a lot of eyeballs amongst the entire industry or the domains to be specific. They
have begun transitioning to ‘conversational banking’ and are viewing chat bots as new age contact center
executives, minimizing TAT and costs along the way, as mentioned in Forbes. Also adding to it, many established
global brand such as Swed Bank, Bank of America, Capital One, SEB and Wells Fargo are now using AI enabled banking

Well coming to it, with the growing modern trends these days for shopping it’s become more important that people
have adapted to the modern day trends of online shopping. This makes them much more accessible to the latest
trends across. Well, be it either on web or mobile, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age etc, shoppers are
everywhere and, they will be always ahead in the league to ensure that they are in the forefront!

The Indian banking industry has evolved and, gone are the days when one used to stand in the queue for hours
(aer taking a half day leave at work) to get their bank work done. Today, all of it is done through a tap on their
phone, thanks to technology! Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak) recently launched Keya – India’s first AI-powered
voicebot in the banking sector. Integrated with Kotak’s phone-banking helpline, it will augment the traditional
interactive voice response (IVR) system

How can CAWI.AIhelp

With the recent developments in technology it is perceived to be one of the most upcoming technologies and, is
also giving a new chance for the entire Indian economy to empower all their fellow Indians and, make it technology
savvy. Chatbots and conversational banking are definitely the way forward. They will make banking easy and
frictionless leading to the rise of open banking too.

How these conversational bots can help you in

increasing sales!

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