Travel With Ease

The perfect time for creating memories, comes along with a lot of curiosity, keeps your worries at the bay, when CAWITM is here to stay!

Bots for travellers / guests

Website Navigator

Enhancing the ease of access to website for any help, finding the right reference ingetting connecting to right department or right resource on the hotel’s comprehensive website.

Managing Booking

CAWI helps in getting appointments for travellers, checking the availability of the room / service to be offered / event to be arranged / pick and drop etc for all the travellers, thus easing out the stress of travelling!

Anytime Assistance

CAWITM helps you getting your travell itinerary, any assistance for check in – check-out, payments, extra housekeeping help etc! You name it, CAWITM solves it.

Bots for internal use

Managing travel itinenary

Managing the entire itinenary of the travellers for keeping the entire info at hand!