Smartbot Bot builder for sales

With more sales channels pavingway for clear and quick communication, meeting demands with the accurate, precise info helping create unique out-of-the-box bots.

Enhance your ROI

Helping you grow your ROI grow day-by-day

Contact Management / Lead Generation

With CAWITM new leads / contacts, updating their details, assignment of leads to colleagues for their reference, notification of leads to other departments for their reference etc., has now become much more simpler with CAWI.

Client Details

Collection of the entire client history, details, past records etc. for easy reference.

Gathering new Clients

New opportunities; Getting any info pertaining to clients to enable ease of access for contacting them

Sales Management

Manage the entire sales management under one roof. Right from getting any info pertaining to client, managing a specific account, client history, updates on the closure – being successful or not, etc., can now be traced through CAWI.

Sales KRA

Defining the complete KRA for your sales personnel, from getting a client, to its status, response, no of leads closed acquired , ratio, generation of number of leads etc., right at your touch of your finger tip.