Help – Just a click away

Providing hassle free solutions, for businesses or enterprises, helping automate the helpdesk processes.

Call Management

Details of the calls, issues handelled, grievances addressed, tickets resolved / updated / status – userlogin details etc, are now just a click away. With CAWITM, it becomes easy to fetch the report in detail with the complete logs.

Asset Management

Getting the exact info on the number of stocks remaining, number of machines inoperation, systems to be given for maintainance, assigned to users etc – the entire info can now be generated, giving valuable information.

HR Helpdesk

Be it your attendance, leaves, work shifts, salary, deductions or any other info related to any employee – the CAWITM framework will showcase the entire details as and when needed, resulting in being a one-stop-solution for the employees.

Travel Helpdesk

Helping you ease all the travel worries, right from your reservations up to attending events, sightseeing / tourist attractions, extra accomodations, payment, travel insurance; keeping the travel itinerary and details updated to you when you want it.

Front Desk

Whether it’s about booking conference rooms, planning a meeting, getting connected on a conference call for any meetings ,availability of the members at work, booking the transportations, ordering from the office pantry, imp stationery needed etc., it’s just a detail away.