It’s time for your check-up to be done on time. Conversational Chatbots which keeps you on the toes for go for medications, reports and other things

Healthcare bots for customers

Website Navigator

Enhancing the ease of access to website for immediate help and helping find the doctors in reference to getting connected to right department or wellness program on the hospital’s comprehensive website

Insurance / Financial Assistance

Easing out the formalities for the payment or taking utmost care of patient’s emotional well-being in terms of any crisis

Managing health time tables

This is important for care management, by reminding patients for their daily health dose, managing healthy diet and scheduling appointments for check-ups if any

Healthcare bots for doctors / nurses / medical staff

Patient scheduling for staff / nurses

CAWI helps in taking appointments for patients, checking the aailability of the doctor / physician for any medical purpose. Also, helps you track the details for check-up timings for the doctor’s visit sheduled for patients

On Call Assistance

It will help the medical staff to help find nurses or administrators for immediate notifications, seeking help for a specific department thereby rapidlyor quickly notifying teams

Patient Data

Making your life easier and keeping you updated about the latest data for quick reference

Doctor’s daily muster – shedules for report

CAWI helps the doctor manage the time table or the shedule of the day, easing out the entire process of hassled reports, be it for the patients or the medical representatives

Medical Inventory

Seeking which medication is still present or to be ordered? worry not with CAWI around, as it helps you derive the exact stocks left / to be ordered and keeps you up-to-date with the medical inventory