Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Healthcare in digital transformation


Healthcare has acquired an all new meaning in this age of digital transformation. Digitization has helped those sectors that have large volumes of data to be handled. So practically every industry benefits from digitization. The digital healthcare modules make modern day medicine and patient care more convenient and efficient.

When the right level of technology is incorporated in healthcare, it helps in gathering the data in one place, making the data accessible anytime and anywhere and in making it easy for hospitals and healthcare institutions to improve the overall quality of healthcare provided. There could be various modules integrated in a digital healthcare system to cater to the needs of the hospital and administration, the doctors and the patients.

Management Dashboard

As with most other centralized modules, a management dashboard is required for every healthcare module. When there is a large volume of data interpreting it is one thing that gets complex. Management dashboard is what makes it easy to obtain a clearer picture of the gathered data quickly. There are graphs and charts that adds simplicity to data interpretation. The management team might not always have the time to get into the details to look for important information from the collected data. The dashboard gives a quick glimpse into the data by observing and displaying patterns that are relevant. This makes it easy to understand the statistics.

There are various details that could be incorporated in the dashboard. And based on the user logging into the module there could be a personalized dashboard displayed. For example, the type of information that a doctor requires might not always be the same as the type of information that a patient requires. Real time data collected would then be updated live. The dashboard could also be designed to be viewed easily on multiple devices. And all these features come with the added benefit that integrating the system with the existing system would be very simple. This would avoid downtime’s caused during transitions periods when process changes occur.

Feedback system

As the name indicates feedback system is one that gathers inputs from the users and this data is then used to improve the existing system. In the digital healthcare systems feedback system consists of real time data from the patients. Patients would feel better when their opinion is respected and service quality is improved. And for the hospitals and healthcare institutions, real time feedback would help improve the processes.

Be it for the normal in-patient and out-patient services or for corporate healthcare programs the credibility of the hospital would be determined by the timeliness and overall quality of the services. Feedback rating systems make it easier to collect information about the facilities in the healthcare center as well as the doctor patient relationships. Patient feedback can also be integrated along with post-surgery follow ups. Hospitals can then know about the effectiveness of the treatment plans being recommended and the timeliness of the diagnosis provided. Besides the medical aspects there are other aspects of the hospitals that should be periodically reviewed including the patient queue management, service desk, customer assistance, pharmaceutical services and others. Patients’ opinions about these services would help the hospitals identify problem areas and then work on them.


Chatbots in healthcare give an all new dimension to the typical healthcare services. Internally these are just pieces of codes written to interact with the user and provide real time responses in a natural sounding language.

  • For the patients, these bots could be used in conveniently booking appointments as well as to answer few basic questions. If patients require financial assistance or if there are queries about insurance claims chatbots could easily answer all such questions.
  • For the doctors chatbots can help by easily delivering patient information before scheduled visits.
  • For the administration teams scheduling the appointments based on the availability of the doctors can also be made simpler with chatbots.
  • Chatbots are also handy in providing quick information about the inventory status. This helps medical and non-medical staff plan the purchase of equipment, medicine and more.

For the general management of the hospital there could be management bots. The difference in integrating a chatbot is that all the information that is available in the database can be easily accessed with few quick questions. The answers are instantly provided by the relevant chatbots which also come with straightforward user interfaces.

Tea & Tech Session – on AI & ML

It’s always good to take initiatives for any organization to grow. Not only to witness growth, but also rise & be abreast of the prevailing current tech trends. Keeping the same belief, Mobinius was glad to host the 1st ever Tech MeetUp, in association with Nasscom on 16th Feb, at our office. The discussion was focused on – “What a tech CEO needs to know about AI & ML being the most sorted dominant technologies.” It was in sync with the current technology fever of AI & ML gripping the entire IT industry by its flow!

tea and tech

This meet up saw the presence of CEO’s from various organizations, well versed with the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology. The session started with a brief introduction of the distinguished members, post which the session began by a presentation on – Distinguishing AI & ML – simplifying the tech by Mr Harsha Jagadish, Tech Lead, Mobinius. He spoke about in length on what exactly is Artificial Intelligence and how is it different from Machine Learning. Also, he shed some light on what is ML and how can it be implemented by organizations at large, how it can be effectively used in various industries and verticals, along with citing the benefits of using the same. The session then continued with some discussion on this topic, with most of the speakers coming in cohesion and understanding that what they felt was AI, is actually ML!

Seriously, it was indeed an eye opening session for most of the people as the debate was still on whether has Machine Learning already made an impact or has it reached the stage for already being much higher and advanced than human intelligence! A fact that we all know and vouch for is that in the era of Elon Musk & Stephen Hawking debating about how AI / ML will become a threat for mankind at large, has already sparked the debate which continued in the session. Taking the same ahead, we also spoke on how ML can be a sigh of relief, when it comes to working on huge mammoth data and doing the needful.
Mr Abhijit Kumar Choudhary, CEO, Azureiken Technologies – shared information on what AI is and how companies are monetizing from these technology, AI being the catalyst to be a technology changer and what it has to offer to the tech industry etc..

Post this, the session had demo on respective chatbots – one presented by Mr Abhijit & obviously on CAWI™ – Conversations Automated With Intelligence. Both bots equally shared the limelight and also feedback on the same, covered the remaining part of the forum. Members from Nasscom, SEM Council and other members were equally satisfied with the discussion and also decided to continue with another session on this, since the time was a constraint.

In a nutshell, the entire tech meet was a fruitful one and also we look forward for creating more value driven synergies in the near future!

CAWI™ shines at IndiaSoft

Yes, it was indeed a very exciting moment for all of us here at Mobinius™, as we participated in the India Soft Expo, conducted by IndiaSoft, on 24th & 25th Jan, which witnessed huge participation from 75+countries, 100+ Categories and 400+ delegates across the globe. It was indeed an event which witnessed the mammoth crowd and the exhibitors, participants & also delegates interacting with the various organizations present. It was a huge business networking event, which was very important for the global buyers, to have a fruitful association with the IT companies as present there.

Apart from various stalls, representing the various technologies, we are all proud @Mobinius™, to proudly showcase our portfolio of CAWI™ – Conversation Automated With Intelligence. Our team was amazed to display the demo and case studies, apart from explaining what a bot is, how it works, and what are the benefits of having an AI enabled technology driving the Digital Transformation – across industries & domains at large!

One of the most important question arises here is – What exactly is a bot? And secondly, why is CAWI™ – as a bot framework so very important? What does it do? How does it help you to be a part of the entire digital transformation? Well this is what we have to offer:

In the era of AI as we all know, technology has been transforming rapidly. It’s the era of bots as we say – automated conversations which not only helps you ease your time, but also ensure that the help is always around the corner 24*7*365, making one’s lives more simpler. CAWI™, helps you with all that and more!
CAWI shines at IndiaSoft

CAWI™, as we all know is all about “Simplifying conversations between men & machines.”

CAWI™ – Conversation Automated with Intelligence” is our end-to-end Bot Builder framework. The CAWI™ Bots Platform has every single component – needed to build, train, deploy, & manage AI-rich, chatbots for users to engage in all communication channels. Robust yet flexible, it can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, designed to with stand the most complex business and IT requirements, without requiring changes to existing systems, policies, or procedures. It is simple and effective, to get the entire info needed just in some seconds!

Be it the travel industry using this bot framework for the latest travel itinerary of a guest, booking the cab or be it the health and the pharma industry using the same for tracking the medical inventory list or the patient’s health status – CAWI™ can be used anywhere & anytime! Taking the same ahead, we at Mobinius™ have always been in the forefront delivering the immense possibilities of delivering AI enabled IT solutions its best!

Vowwww….was the reaction for all who glanced at the CAWI™ banner and also were present for the knowledge sharing info on the bot framework! The audience was literally going crazy & gung-ho on understanding the bot framework and also its uses and the way it answers queries. One of the most funny, yet amazing incident which we can remember is – 2 kids coming to our stall and asking what can CAWI™ do for them?? Sounds different, doesn’t it??? Yes, kids did understand that it can help them for scheduling their homework tables, helping them with the time table queries, gaining some info on when ABC subject and its exam etc!

In fact our bot did gain attention, as it caught everyone’s eyes making everyone feel astonished about even children being curious about the bot framework CAWI™. Also to our surprise, the number of queries we received for bot was just so surprising!!

All in a nutshell, the event was just amazing to attend and CAWI™ being promoted well! Looking forward for more such events!