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Looking at the current trends for the most delightful industry serving an amazing experience, the most renowned sector has now been looking at AI technology to aviation companies are looking to new technology to market their products while helping fliers find ease through what can be a potentially frustrating endeavor.

APEX recently reported that 14% of aviation enterprises are now using AI-powered chat bots for airlines. 68% of airlines and 42% of airports are planning to adopt AI-driven chat bot services by 2020. – SITA. The CIOs of these companies intend to push this percentage to 68% by 2020. It seems like the future relationship between air travel and chat bots will be bright enough!

Travelers have become more smart and, tech savvy. Gone are the long boarding days, when people would spend a lot of time waiting at the queue and, wait for some miracle to happen so that their journey would be hassle free. Thanks to the smart tech these days, it’s become more easy for the passengers for enjoying their hassle free travel experience. Looking at the recent current trends, these stats will surely work as an eye – opener for a lot of people.

Airports and airlines are seeking to engage with customers’ mobile phones “to boost both direct and ancillary sales via their apps” with airlines expecting app-based sales “to double by 2020 and reach 17% of their total sales”. Taking the same ahead with the help of AI, airports across the world are trying to make a difference, by delivering a first class experience to the passengers across. Taking it forward in the similar fashion, this is what Mr Jim Peters, CTO – SITA at FTE Global in Las Vegas has to say “We know that passengers prefer to use technology and when it is well designed it can really improve the passenger experience. Airlines and airports are investing in AI and mobile programs to make services better for the passenger, supporting sales and providing customer support, particularly during times of disruption”.

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Technology has always been at the forefront and, we all know it’s just a matter of some time that we shall embrace the same soon. Chat bots are known to be the most sought technology, which is already disrupting the digital space, in a healthy manner. With CAWI™.AI on the go, it not only becomes a one touch point for all your needs, but also a cohesive & complete solution for all your needs.

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We help you deliver a one-stop-solution for all the help needed across. We promise to deliver you a hassle free experience be it booking, cancellation, refund, planning an itinerary, check – in, rebooking, travel updates and, finding alternative options.

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