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Looking at the current trends for the most delightful industry serving an amazing experience, the most renowned sector – aviation has now been looking at AI enabled chatbot as aviation companies are looking to using & implementing the chatbot flight booking technology to market their products while helping fliers find ease through what can be a potentially frustrating endeavor.
Overview of the aviation industry
Airports and airlines are seeking to engage with customers’ mobile phones “to boost both direct and ancillary sales via their apps” with airlines expecting app-based sales “to double by 2020 and reach 17% of their total sales”. Taking the same ahead with the help of AI, airports across the world are trying to make a difference, with the help of a tourism chatbot by delivering a first class experience to the passengers across.

Taking it forward in the similar fashion, this is what Mr Jim Peters, CTO – SITA at FTE Global in Las Vegas has to say “We know that passengers prefer to use technology and when it is well designed it can really improve the passenger experience. Airlines and airports are investing in AI and mobile programs to make services better for the passenger, supporting sales and providing customer support, particularly during times of disruption”. 

APEX recently reported that 14% of aviation enterprises are now using AI enabled chatbot for airlines. 68% of airlines and 42% of airports are planning to adopt AI-driven chat bot services by 2020. – SITA. The CIOs of these companies intend to push this percentage to 68% by 2020. It seems like the future relationship between air travel and chat bots will be bright enough!
CAWI.AI Services

Knowing that weather has always played a vital role as it involves air travel and, also is one of the most certain factors to be certainly dependent on, most sought experience is always the delayed arrivals or departures due to a bad weather. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult not only for the passengers, but also for the help desk staff to cope up with such issues. The airline bot comes to rescue for providing quick, automated, fast and, accurate status with the real time flight status updates helping the passengers and, the travelers to manage their travel along with any help needed from the help desk assistance


With CAWI.AI chatbot development services on the go, our flight booking chatbot will help you with keeping your bookings on track. Apart from sending timely alerts, it will also help you in responding to booking change or upgradation during a travel itinerary, with the existing reservation, making changes to the same. For example, a smart travel robot can notify a customer of a flight delay due to weather or other conditions and re-book the trip. In case of a refund or any detailed information needed – in terms of weather, change in timings etc, the bot can instantly send messages and also provide detailed information. Available 24×7, the bot will always be available to answer questions, handle different reservation tasks and provide more complete and detailed information.


In reference to airline and flight operators, the baggage handling part becomes crucial. We have heard about a lot of baggage issues, mishandling, losing of valuables etc. There is always a great deal of technology that is useful to manage, help and track the baggage between the destinations or in the flights and take it to safety for the passenger when it reaches the final destination. For airline and airport operators, the baggage handling task is critical. With all this mess here – we need to get a AI enabled chatbot technology that can help ease the burden and ensure hassle free operations here. With the help of CAWI.AI airline bot we can have a bot which can update the passenger, upon the arrival at the destination with an approx. time of the luggage arrival and also ensuring a process claim which can help the flight operators to ease the process.


Chatbots for air ticket booking conversation become important when it comes to being a support in the entire technical ecosystem. It also ensures that one can implement the same even in eternally especially in terms of flight schedules, staff attendance, leave reports and also in the shift management too. In a situation of an emergency the same bot can also be connected internally to the rescue teams, the ATC, the emergency squad etc. With the apt use of CAWI.AI AI enabled chatbot one can schedule itineraries so that employees can complete each of their tasks at the right time.