Knowing the fact that technology has already been spreading its wings, with its entrant being AI – Artificial Intelligence.
We @MobiniusTM have always been in the forefront for gracing new technologies and being updated with the same.

Our latest tech offering comes in the form of

CAWITM – Conversation Automated With Intelligence.

What happens when conversations, which have been the most integral component of mankind, combined with the latest hi-tech technology are leveraged, and the result is –CAWITM!

CAWI gives you the power to drive your small/medium/large scale enterprises or organizations with AI enabled bots, leveraging your business, upscaling your revenues, and, improvising the entire personalized customer experience.

CAWI.AI: Paving way for new possibilities

The CAWI.AI platform lets you do whatever you want and yeah, with an rich AI enabled bot framework, one can build chat bots for any use cases or for any channels. Running on the cloud or premise, multi lingual support, robust security controls designed to with stand the most complex business and IT requirements,without requiring changes to existing systems, policies, or procedures, helps you ease the time and cost of development, equipped with machine learning, AI and all the tech components helping one automate human demands into automated conversations.

We welcome you to a new experience of a rapid, scalable & personalized AI with a touch of bot!