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Support Bot

Instantly resolving your queries

Lead Bot

Personalized customer care at your touch

Feedback Bot

End-to-end feedback at ease

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Automating the helpdesk processes on the go

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Re-define entire employee experience

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Keep your travel worries at a bay

Yes, why should you chose me?

Bot with intelligent dialogues built for you

Runs in the Cloud or On premise

Custom branded and rapid deployment

Multi lingual support

Integrates social media messenger

Robust security controls

Easy and seamless upgrades

Voice to Speech recognition

A great chat bot simplifies the user tasks

With the advent of the new gen messaging AI enabled bots, they are creating different trends at work. With the help of the chat bot, one can ease out all the tasks at hand as it is a conversational interface which uses text or voice for interaction. AI powered bots today are everywhere.

Bots are nothing but the dialogue or interaction taking place between the customer aIn today’s context, chat bots are fun to be with and can help the customers achieve what they want. Today, use of AI enabled chat bots are seen as easy and fun ways to not only help customers achieve an outcome, but also helping enterprises or organizations at large.

With CAWI™.AI on the go it not only saves your time, but also reduces cost & increase efficiency at work.

Benefits for using chat bot development – CAWI™.AI

  • Chat bots are human in mature and, hence can be programmed in different languages
  • Simple & easy to use with rapid installation and, quick deployment one can customize way one wants to
  • Offers personalized interaction increasing customer loyalty & retention
  • Chat bot can be built easily, are less expensive and, have a high adoption rate
  • Time tested custom bot frameworks
  • Features are built for enterprise level automation
  • Available on mobile, desktop & web
  • Custom NLP & adaptive learning
  • CAWI™ when integrated with innumerable platforms can create wonders, in automating & simplifying the entire communication process anywhere anytime
  • Can be integrated with any backend

How can CAWI ™.AI will help

By using CAWI™. AI– Conversation Automated with Intelligence” our end to end Bot Builder framework can help one build, train, deploy, & manage AI-rich, chat bots for users to engage in all the communication channels. Robust yet flexible, it can be deployed on – premise or in the cloud, designed to with stand the most complex business and IT requirements, without requiring changes to existing systems, policies, or procedures. Our chat bot platform CAWI™ offers enterprise-wide security, while maintaining your access controls and entitlements. With military grade encryption for data in transit and data at rest, along with multi-factor authentication, you can be rest assured about the data being secured, which is fully under your control. We at Mobinius™ are proud of CAWI™ being the only highly scalable Bot framework to create chat bots with confidence, which can definitely boost your organization’s tech – standards!

Build for one, build for all